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This is what some of Eileen's clients have to say about her:

"Eileen is the best personal trainer I've ever used. Not only is her form direction and focus superb, she demonstrates a flexible methodology to get the most out of me regardless of my energy level any particular day."


"She knew what I needed! I came to her with my weight issue and a deadline to meet before a wedding I would be in. It was so great to have someone that really knows what they are doing to remind you of certain things that that are healthy or unhealthy. I couldn't have done this without her! I feel so much stronger and energetic after only a month of training."


"Eileen Gordon is, by far, the best personal trainer I ever had. In just a few short sessions she had corrected my work out flaws and optimized my training routine, setting me on a path to achieve my desired results. She also helped me with exercises and activities away from the gym to maintain and even increase my overall fitness level. I would highly recommend her whether it's your first time lifting weights or even if you are a gym rat Eileen will help you achieve your physical fitness goals."


"Being in my late 50's and plagued with lower back pain I knew that I had to start exercising again. I would come home from work and the only way the pain was relieved was to stay off my feet and sit. I had concerns that exercising might increase the pain if done incorrectly and I knew that I needed help. Eileen worked with me for several months focusing mainly on my problem areas, my back and abdomen. The back pain diminished over the months and I was able to come home and do things without the pain. I guess dropping 25 pounds was an additional bonus. In short, Eileen is a great trainer and definitely knows what she is doing. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding professional personal trainer!"


"Eileen has been my personal trainer for over 12 years.  She is very knowledgeable and makes sure I never injure myself by enforcing proper form and technique.  She knows how to maximize each exercise so all muscle groups are engaged.  I enjoy working out with Eileen and she keeps it fun by changing up my routine. She has a great wit and sense of humor too which also makes it fun!  If your looking for a trainer that can make you stronger, leaner and more flexible and have fun doing it then Eileen Gordon is your girl!"


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